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September 2012 Note: We will be posting a new version of this chart in the next 1-2 weeks

So you're looking for the best smartphone of the lot, but you don't have weeks of spare time to research the umpteen handsets and the different smartphone OSes, not to mention the pricing and contracts that are available with each of them.

Well you've come to the right place, because our smartphone-addled editors have combed through the hundreds of handsets available in the UK, to ruthlessly cut the competition down to just 9 of the top phones.

These are the phones that will inspire envy from your colleagues and the ire of your partner as you ignore all else to gaze lovingly into your sleek, shiny touchscreen.

Go on, treat yourself to the 9 best smartphones in the UK:

HTC Sensation vs HTC Desire HD vs HTC Desire S vs iPhone 4 vs HTC HD7 vs Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch vs Google Nexus S vs Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc vs Samsung Galaxy S2


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Our Comments

HTC Sensation - HTC's new flagship phone packs all the features you could want. The Sensation is well-built, stylish, and blazingly fast. If you want the most 'smartphone' that money can buy, this should be on your shortlist. [see the cheapest HTC Sensation contracts]

HTC Desire HD - excellent phone, big, great hardware, bad battery cover, bad speaker, case isn't very sleek. [see the cheapest HTC Desire HD contracts]

HTC Desire S - Good performance in a compact package, it's slightly below the top-end in terms of specs, but improves on the best-selling Desire without breaking the bank. [see the cheapest HTC Desire S contracts]

iPhone 4 - still the best built phone. The super sharp screen and the feel of quality in your hands are part of the aura of desirability that the iPhone still has over its competitors. [see the cheapest iPhone 4 Contracts]

HTC HD7- Windows Phone 7 offers fun, novelty and sizzle, but not the complete package the moment. But many people are not looking for everything, and WP7 will suit them fine. Certain to win a good amount of first-time smartphone owners, and those looking for something new. [see the cheapest HTC HD7 Contracts]

Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch - RIM has pulled out all the stops in order to get itself back in the game.. the super slim 9900 feels and looks like a luxury executive phone, and greatly improves on the disappointing Torch. The sharp touchscreen and keypad work well together, and the only thing holding it back is the Blackberry OS 7, which still lags behind the competition. [see the cheapest Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch Contracts]

Google Nexus S - An excellent, showcase phone if you want the best of Android. Pretty future-proof, though it's difficult to shake off the slight plasticky feel. [see the cheapest Google Nexus S Contracts]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 Arc - A fantastic comeback by Sony Ericsson, the Arc has it all - this is a phone that seduces you with it's ultra-slim chassis and keeps you hooked with the beautiful display and cool Android enhancements. [see the cheapest Sony Ericsson Xperia X12 Arc Contracts]

Samsung Galaxy S2 - The S2 is topping sales charts everywhere, for good reason; it's a powerhouse of a phone. Samsung has crammed market-leading tech into an ultra-thin device that is still competitively priced. Whether it's browsing, gaming, media, or photography - you name it, the S2 is near the top of the heap in almost every category of smartphone use. [see the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S2 contracts]




What are your thoughts? Which phone do you like? Have questions? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!