Vodafone Stock Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S3

Following the delayed release of the white and blue versions in May, the pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S3 will be arriving on our shelves soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was recently released, and it brought with it some excellent and unrivalled specifications. But to some people, what’s on the outside still takes precedence. For those who pre ordered the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the pebble blue colour, the wait will be getting frustrating as this version has been in rather short supply.

The blue version was supposed to launch last month with its white counterpart, but is suffered delays due to manufacturing complications.

Vodafone customers will be delighted to know that the 16GB blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available. However, there has been no word on the 32GB version yet.

Vodafone issued the following statement on the release: ‘We have now received stock of the pebble blue 16GB Samsung Galaxy SIII, all customers who pre-ordered this device before 7pm on Tuesday 29 May will start to receive their phones from tomorrow (8 June).

We’re continuing to work closely with Samsung to secure stock of the 32GB pebble blue Samsung Galaxy SIII as soon as possible, and will update this thread as soon as we have more information.’

Hopefully it won’t be too long before fans of this ground breaking Samsung device in pebble blue will be able to enjoy the device with whatever storage space they want.

According the Samsung Galaxy S3, the pebble blue version will start shipping on the 22nd June.