BlackBerry 10 Coming 30th January

BlackBerry 10 will be with us by the end of January.

Research in Motion have been keeping very quiet recently about the fate of BlackBerry 10 once the Q1 2013 launch date has passed, which led everyone to presume that the new operating system and accompanying handsets would only arrive around the beginning of March.

However it looks like they are going to be arriving much sooner as both Three and Vodafone have confirmed that they will be selling the two new BB10 handsets from the 30th January.

The BlackBerry 10 operating system will bring with it some nice new features including an advanced keyboard, the BlackBerry Flow user interface, BlackBerry Hub which acts as a single source for all your messaging information, BlackBerry Balance which allows users to switch between business and personal modes, a Time Shift feature for the camera, a brand new web browser and better support for apps.

Vodafone and Three were the first UK networks to step forward and confirm that they would be selling the first BB10 handsets, but the UK’s first 4G network EE have also jumped on the bandwagon.

Not only will EE be selling the phones on their 3G network from Orange and T-Mobile, they will also be offering them on their super-fast 4G network too.

Two new handsets will be released by RIM to run on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The main handset will be the flagship of the L-Series and will also be the first BlackBerry to feature a full touchscreen design. The second phone will come with RIM’s trademark full QWERTY keyboard and will kick start the N-Series.