ZTE to Reveal Firefox Phone Soon

ZTE could reveal a Firefox phone at the MWC next month.

The first smartphone to run on the Firefox operating system could be revealed to the world in a matter of weeks.

Chinese phone manufacturing giant ZTE have announced their places to unveil a “major new mobile device” at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. The company has also strongly hinted that the device will be related to Firefox.

ZTE have been dropping several hints by using hashtags on Twitter to suggest what they will be revealing at the Mobile World Congress, scheduled to take place at the end of February.

The tweet #ZTEGrandMemo refers to a tablet and smartphone hybrid from the company, whilst #ZTEMozilla suggests a partnership between ZTE and Mozilla, the company who brought you the web browsing system Firefox.

Mozilla have also recently been working on Firefox OS which is a web browsing and operating system for smartphones.

The basis for this operating system will be in HTML5, which is the same “language” used by the Internet. This suggests that the OS will be able to work seamlessly between phones and computers.

Several test phone pictures have emerged, showing the Peak and Keon which are the first devices to run on the Firefox OS however they are just for app building uses. If a Firefox phone is unveiled by ZTE at MWC, eager customers should expect to buy it shortly after.

The ZTE Grand Memo is rumoured to be a huge phone set to rival the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with its 5.7 inch 720 pixel screen. It will be powered by a quad core processor.

There’s not long to go until the Mobile World Congress in February, so more information is expected to be revealed soon.