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There are hundreds of mobile phones out there, and more released every week. The competition is fierce, and only a few can rise to the top.

But hey, who has time for average phones? You want to know: Which are the hottest handsets in the UK?

We've compiled the sales and viewer stats for every single handset available, and here are the most popular phones in the UK right now.


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Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3

If you want power, then the S3 is for you! Featuring a quad-core processor and Samsung's TouchWiz, this smartphone has all the beef you could possibly need. Runs Ice Cream Sandwich and has a delicious 4.8" 720p display

FREEphonefrom £11/mth
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Samsung Galaxy S4
FREEphonefrom £21/mth
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SIM Only SIM Card
FREEphonefrom £10/mth
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Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Apple iPhone 5 16GB

Improved, sleeker design with a larger than usual 4.8" display. Slick iOS, great camera, faultless hardware and 4G connectivity. One of the best smartphones currently on the market

FREEphonefrom £23/mth
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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
FREEphonefrom £14/mth
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini
FREEphonefrom £10/mth
SEE 659 Deals
Nokia Lumia 520
FREEphonefrom £15/mth
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HTC One Silver
FREEphonefrom £27/mth
SEE 618 Deals
Doro PhoneEasy 612
FREEphonefrom £11/mth
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Blackberry Curve 9320

Inexpensive smartphone for those who want a good looking device, love BBM and social networking, and who prefer real keys instead of a touchscreen

FREEphonefrom £13/mth
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