One of the best-known mobile phone manufacturers in the world, Nokia has been a favourite amongst tech heads since their famous handsets of the 1990. Bringing us the delights of the game Snake and more, Nokia has been delivering high-quality mobile phone handsets since they began a venture into this area.

The Nokia Corporation was founded in 1865 and has since lent its expertise to many different areas of industry. They first began their rendezvous into telecommunications in 1960 and were responsible for the development of military mobile radio communications technology in Finland, where the company was formed and is based. They launched the first commercially operated public mobile phone network in Finland in 1971 and went on to have 100% coverage a mere seven years later. Their first handset was released in 1981 and since then they have gone from strength to strength. Currently they are developing some first class smartphones and on 11th February 2011 they announced their partnership with Microsoft, thereby determining that all future Nokia smartphones be powered by the Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Thanks to their fantastic credentials, Nokia releases are packed full of amazing features that ensure your handset is suitable for both work and play. They offer some of the best on-phone cameras as well as media players, Web browsers, music players and more. There are loads of smartphones to choose from that are developed by Nokia that are available on a wide variety of networks, both as pay monthly and pay as you go options. In addition, Nokia handsets are stocked and sold both in high street electronics/telecommunication stores as well as online, if you would prefer a SIM free option.

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Nokia Lumia 920
FREEphonefrom £23/mth
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Nokia Lumia 925
FREEphonefrom £17/mth
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Nokia Lumia 620
FREEphonefrom £12/mth
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Nokia Lumia 720 Red
FREEphonefrom £14/mth
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Nokia Lumia 520 Blue
FREEphonefrom £13/mth
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Nokia Lumia 520 White
FREEphonefrom £10/mth
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Nokia Lumia 520
FREEphonefrom £15/mth
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Nokia Lumia 520 Red
FREEphonefrom £15/mth
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Nokia Lumia 925 White
£29phonefrom £16/mth
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Nokia Lumia 800

Described as a truly integrated social network experience, the Nokia Lumia 800 running on Windows Phone 7 offers super quick web browsing and online socialising.

FREEphonefrom £22/mth
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