Sony Ericsson

When it comes to mobile phones, Sony Ericsson have always been a key contender on the market, largely due to their amazing track record for providing excellent mobile phone handsets with some of the best cameras and music players around.

A joint venture by the Japanese Sony Corporation and the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson, Sony Ericsson was created in an effort to specialise in creating some amazing mobile phone handsets. Operating since the nineties, Sony Ericsson have brought the market some of the most innovative technological releases in mobile phones, and continue to strive towards excellence with every release. Since they earned stiff competition from HTC, Apple and RIM, Sony Ericsson are now creating smartphones that incorporate the features they feel they excel at, including top-quality media playing, great games, a host of apps and high megapixel cameras. Though they have fallen into sixth place behind the more recognisable brands of the noughties, Sony Ericsson continue to grow, adapt and product rivalling handsets.

The Sony Ericsson range of handsets includes regular models and smartphones and can be purchased from a range of retailers, including online and in-store. They cater their phones towards individual needs and always have done, since they launched their “Walkman” and “Cybershot” models of mobile phone. They are available SIM free, on pay as you go and pay monthly services from a variety of networks and they continue to grow and adapt to the new demands of mobile phone by creating their own apps, email clients and internet services, meaning a Sony Ericsson handset can handle both work and play.

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