The T-Mobile brand is usually best associated with consumers as a network provider, but their range of mobile phones are attracting a lot of attention from technological consumers nowadays.

A German company, T-Mobile is primarily a wireless service provider owned by the prestigious Deutsche Telekom company. It’s headquarters are located in Bonn, Germany, however the company also offers services and goods in Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, the USA, Poland and the United Kingdom. Though it is an incredibly popular network in the UK, T-Mobile also operates several GSM networks across Europe and in the United States of America, currently standing as the tenth largest mobile phone service provider in the world.

T-Mobile are determined to bring better things to themselves and their customers and as such, created a partnership with French Telecom’s own mobile network provider, Orange. This move created the UK’s largest mobile operator, known as Everything Everywhere. This has maximised the customer numbers for both brands and offer people living in the UK the best coverage available.

As a mobile phone manufacturer, T-Mobile offers a handset for every person, including excellent email client phones for the business person on the go, high-tech smartphones for those serious about the latest gadgets, as well as simple-to-use, no-fuss phones for those who simply want a mobile phone. Users consider T-Mobile handsets to be incredibly reasonably priced for the great things they offer, especially when they are purchased on the T-Mobile network as a pay as you go or pay monthly option, as it maximises the phone’s ultimate potential.

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