When customers think of the 3 Mobile company they understand it more as a network than a manufacturer of phones. A division of the Hutchison Whampoa company, the 3 Mobile network operates across the world in countries including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and, of course, the United Kingdom.

The 3 Mobile company was founded in 2002 and provides consumers with 3G technology at reasonable prices. Currently, 3 Mobile has over 27.8 million customers, and as well as offering network services, 3 have now branched out into mobile phone manufacturing that will match-up with their high speed internet functions. The first 3 Mobile handset release was seen in November 2007, when the Skyephone was introduced. A joint venture from Chinese telephone manufacturer Amoi, Skype and 3, the Skypephone provided the user with all of the international video calling and chatting you love on Skype on your handset. From then on, the 3 Mobile brand has gone from strength to strength, improving international and wireless communication globally.

As one of the largest and most popular networks in the UK, 3 Mobile formed a partnership with T-Mobile in 2008 to allow the whole of the UK 3G coverage, which is ideal for the internet smartphones released by the company. 3 Mobile built it’s reputation on offering amazing online capabilities from wherever you are and you can purchase these capabilities from the 3 Mobile network with either SIM-only, pre-paid and pay as you go options.

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