About Us

Finding a new mobile phone deal can be a real headache. With all the different phones, shops, contracts, tariffs, and offers out there, you don't really know what to go for, or what you might be missing out on.

If you had all the best deals in the UK in one place, and an easy way to search through them and find exactly what YOU want, things would be a lot simpler.

That's why we created MyPhoneDeals.

Whether you want..

- a newly released Android phone for less than £20 per month on O2

- a phone with an expert rating of better than 7/10, that's available for £0 monthly after cashback

- the most popular contract with unlimited internet that comes with a free Plasma TV

.. you'll find it quickly with MyPhoneDeals. And that's how it should be, because you're spending money and up to 2 years of your life with your new mobile phone deal, and you should get what you want - not just whatever you find in the local store.

Find a better deal, get your new mobile phone delivered the next day, and life will be just that little bit better for the next year or two.


The Team


Ethan Tan - Founder

E-mail: ethan [at] myphonedeals.co.uk


Jamie Kindler - Blogger/Editor

E-mail: jamie [at] myphonedeals.co.uk


Collin Elder - Blogger

E-mail: collin [at] myphonedeals.co.uk


Gary Palman - Blogger

E-mail: gary [at] myphonedeals.co.uk