What is MyPhoneDeals?

MyPhoneDeals is an impartial and independent site that brings together and compare the best phone deals from the whole market.

Comparing the huge amount of possible deals from shop to shop would take an impossible amount of time and money.. that's why most people end up overpaying or missing out on a better phone.

MyPhoneDeals is not a phone shop.

We compare the deals, but once you have found the deal you like, you order from the retailer's website. Because of this we can be impartial when recommending phones and deals.


Why should I use MyPhoneDeals to find my phone deal?


To get the best deal, you need (1) the best range of deals, and (2) the best way to search through those deals.

MyPhoneDeals covers the whole market and guarantees that we have the best deals. But we also let you do it faster, simpler, and in a more flexible way than anything else out there. We are always continuing to improve your experience based on your feedback, and we know how important trust is when it comes to a comparison site, so you can rely on us to give you honest, impartial advice.

When you're looking for a new phone deal you have certain requirements - whether it's minutes, phone features, free gifts, etc. That's why we've given you a very powerful way of searching and filtering the options so that you can easily find the deals you want.

If the deal exists, you'll find it with MyPhoneDeals.


What is your guarantee?

We guarantee that when you use MyPhoneDeals, you can relax knowing that you will find the best deal available.

If you sign up for a deal through us and somehow find a better deal on the same tariff that was not available on our site, we will pay you 110% of the difference.

Just send us a message via our contact form, give us the details of your deal and your order, along with your transaction receipt, and include the URL of the better deal. We will then verify your purchase via our site, and that the other deal was not available on our site, is on the same package, and was available when you made your purchase.

MyPhoneDeals covers the whole market, so you don't have to worry about shopping around in case you miss anything better.


Why should I buy my phone through an online retailer?

As with most things these days, you will get a better phone deal online than you would by buying from a normal store.

It's just economic reality, because physical stores have to pay much higher costs for employees and rent, and they have no choice but to pass it on to you.

Even stores with both physical stores and online stores, such as Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U (both of which are included in MyPhoneDeals), commonly give you a better deal online, often 10% cheaper.

If you haven't ordered a mobile phone online before, you may have some concerns. You can be assured that the phones and contracts you get will be the same as one that you order in a physical store, and with the same networks - just cheaper. You will usually receive your phone within 1-2 days of placing your order. The only differences are the cheaper deals that require redemption - this is the case with cash back deals and some of the free gift deals. There is more information about redemption deals here.

Physical stores obviously still have the great advantage of allowing you to see the phone in person, and hold it in your hand. To get the best of both worlds, just pop into the store to check out the phone you like, then come back to MyPhoneDeals, and get it on the best deal available.

Can I port my existing phone number over if I order from a retailer on MyPhoneDeals?

Yes you can port over your number just as you would whenever you change networks. Please note that you cannot port over a number to a new contract if you stay on the same network. If you are staying on the same network, see our tips below.

To port your number:

  1. Call your current network provider (e.g. Vodafone, O2, etc) and ask them for your Porting Authorization Code (PAC).

  2. Use MyPhoneDeals to compare deals, then order your favourite deal from the retailer online.

  3. When your new mobile phone arrives in 1-2 days, it will have a temporary number so you can use it straight away.

  4. Call your new network, and give them the PAC code to port your old number

  5. Within a few days, your new phone will be switched to your old number.


You normally have 30 days to use your PAC code once you've requested it. If it expires, you can call up and get another one.

Note that you don't request to cancel your contract before ordering your new deal - getting a PAC code and giving it to your new network will automatically cancel your old contract.

Also check that your old network refunds any excess amount that you've prepaid but not used - e.g. if you pay for a whole month but switch networks on the 15th, you should receive half your monthly line rental back.

And of course, if you are still within the minimum period for your old contract, you will have to pay off the remaining line rental on your contract.

Tips if you are getting a new contract on the same network:

If you are already on contract with a network and want to get a new contract on the same network, unfortunately you cannot port your old number over directly. Here are a couple of suggestions.

OPTION 1: You may be able to work around this by getting a PAC code to port your number to a PAYG on another network (e.g. from Orange or O2), and then getting another PAC code to transfer it back to your new contract, although it is a hassle. No guarantees with this method - it should work, but sometimes the 2nd network isn't happy when you leave so quickly!

OPTION 2: Get a PAC code and port your number to a PAYG on another network (e.g. from Orange or O2), and then leave a voicemail on it, telling callers your old number.

What are cash back and free gift redemption deals, and how do they work?

You will notice that many of the cheapest deals on the market involve cash back or free gifts via redemption. You can save a lot with these deals, but you have to be ready for the hassle of redemption, and you should factor in the risk that you may miss something and therefore not receive all the cash back promised.

These are effectively discounts offered by retailers for certain deals. You pay the network a certain monthly line rental, but by following the retailer's redemption process (usually involving mailing in your monthly phone statements), you will receive money (or a free gift) from the retailer.

Retailers can offer these deals because they know that it's easy for people to be disorganized and forget to redeem their cash back, or make a mistake with the redemption terms. They do not actually have to pay out to every customer.

Here is an example:

  1. Searching MyPhoneDeals, you find a great deal on the phone you want from Phones4U, that comes with 12 months free line rental on an 18 month contract with Vodafone.

  2. You order the deal from Phones4U, and receive your new phone the next day. You pay Vodafone £20 each month for 18 months, as normal. Vodafone does not have anything to do with the cash back. That is between you and the retailer (Phones4U in this example).

  3. You follow Phones4U's cash back terms (these will be specified on their website and in the documents that come with your phone. Be sure to read them carefully). This involves mailing some of your mobile phone bills to Phones4U at certain times - e.g. after 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.

  4. If you have followed the retailer's terms properly and sent the correct bills when you were supposed to, you will receive cheques paying you back the line rental. In this example, you would be due 12 months line rental, or £240. This amount would usually be spread out over several cheques.

How do I know that I can trust you?

MyPhoneDeals are not retailers - we simply compile and let you find the best deals from all across the UK. Because of that we can be impartial and fair in showing the best deals. We feature deals from reputable, established businesses, so that you can relax and trust that you are getting the best deals from the best sources.


I have a question about my order, billing, cash back terms, etc. Who should I contact?

MyPhoneDeals compares deals from all the retailers - we do not offer the deals ourselves.

To get answers to specific questions about your order, phone, account, etc, please look at the relevant retailer’s or network's website, and contact their Support department. Check the email confirmation of your order if you are unsure which retailer you ordered from.