Doro PhoneEasy 610

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The design of this handset is a good old flip clam shell and although the design is not great the rest of the specifications make up for it.


Simple menu layout, clear sound output, up to 192 minutes of talk time.


No multimedia messaging, USB cable not included, display is rather small, design is a bit out dated.

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Doro PhoneEasy 610 Review

Not all of us are bent on purchasing the latest technology or the latest gadgets. Touchscreen can be confusing and too many applications can render older people confused and frustrated. That’s why there are phone manufacturers who still provide standard bar phones with numeric keypads. One specific model, the Doro PhoneEasy 610, is a flip phone designed for simplicity. It is targeted for the older generation who need bigger touch buttons for convenience in typing. It is also meant for people who want to make use of a simple phone for calling and texting.

What we like

It fits into the palm nicely and it is pretty convenient to use the large keypad. The user interface is very simple.

You can customize the user interface by selecting a specific theme. There are four themes to choose from. Each theme has its own specific background and text colour. This is definitely nifty for people who are color-challenged such as difficulty in reading white text in blue background.

It comes with options for alarm, calculator, phonebook, calendar and FM radio. When typing messages or phonebook entries, the texts and numbers are displayed nicely and are very easy to read.

Another great feature is its compatibility to work with hearing aids. This can really help elderly people in hearing clearly when receiving or making calls.

The volume for the ringer and message alert is enhanced to be extra loud so people can hear it even if they are in a different room. The Doro PhoneEasy 610 comes with built in Bluetooth so you can share files with your families and friends.

It also has additional features like Dial up safety alarms, ICE or in case of emergency options and OTA or remote programming. It also allow quick dialling or shortcuts for speed dial so older people can call someone directly without dialling the phone numbers.

This phone has an optional display mode that can cater to visually impaired mobile users. You adjust the setting for big display text or adjust the text size from small to large to aid older people in reading phonebook entries or when typing messages.

Since the phone is made for simple dialling and texting, the battery life is quite superb.  Standby time can reach up to 490 hours and talk time up to 8.7 hours.  Peripheral accessories such as charger cradle, headset and lanyard are included with the package.

What we don’t like

Even though this phone has a large text display, the display screen is very small. It is certainly a setback considering that other phone manufacturers offer larger displays even for their basic phones.


The Doro PhoneEasy 610 is best suited for people who are hard of hearing, mobility-impaired or are visually challenged. This mobile phone will help them keep in touch with their family and friends without the hassle of extra-applications and confusing menus. With added features for speed-dialling, this mobile phone is pretty convenient to use in times of emergency.


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Avg. Rating


It is very simple. If you go want smartphones then this one is not for you. But if you are much of an old school chap, well, hello baby, this gadget is definitely made for your hands. I would not buy it though for the simple reason that it does not really fit my fast paced and very business oriented life.

8out of 10

very nice phone for old timers.

8out of 10

i bought this.. gave it to my grandma.. she likes it.. :)

8.5out of 10

This fliptop phone is perfect. I bought this and gave it as a gift for my Grandad. He loves it. He says its very easy to use because of the large buttons and the display is pretty clear. I recommend this for old timers.

8.5out of 10

It's nice but too simple for my taste.

8out of 10

this phone is so nice and simple. that's all thank you.

8out of 10

A very simple pretty Nice phone with basic functions and easy to use. also the battery of this phone can sustain the long-term usages.

8out of 10

I don’t like this phone it’s only a basic with no good feature and it looks a boring design.

6out of 10

Don’t like this phone it’s boring no good features. Only use for txt a message and call, another thing that annoys me when I use txt message the letter is large and the screen is very small.

6out of 10

I have this Doro PhoneEasy 610 and it quite good it has a very simple design and easy to use. Also the call quality is way too good it clear to hear and very good battery life.

8out of 10

Very nice phone it has a basic function and good battery life also good in call quality.

8out of 10

Not interested on this handset it looks boring it has a small screen and big keypad. And the design looks rubbish.

7out of 10

Doro Phone Easy 610 it’s a very cheap and affordable phone. But lack of good features and a boring design.

7out of 10

This phone has a pretty basic functionality and good user interface. All do there is no good features and camera, but it’s very handy when it comes for txt and call also very affordable phone price.

8out of 10

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