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The Wildfire S builds on the successes of the original Wildfire with an enhanced OS and better display. The processor is still too small for such a high-end handset, though.


High speed 3G and Wi-Fi impress here, as does the highly usable Android 2.3 OS that the phone runs on


Apps run slowly on the lowly processor, whilst the phone's battery life is poor by today's standards

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Talk Time7 hours
Standby Time15.0 days
Network (Band)Quad GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
Operating SystemAndroid 2.3
Software Memory512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM
Display Resolution320 x 480 pixels
Display Size3.20 inches
Display Colours
Dimensions101.3mm x 59.4mm x 12.4mm
Camera Resolution5 megapixels
Video CameraYes
Camera FlashYes
Camera Features2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, Geo-tagging, face detection, touch-focus, and image stabilization
TV OutNo
Memory CardmicroSD and up to 32GB
Internal Memory512MB
7.7out of 10

Cute, Compact and Capacitive

It’s a truly pocket-sized model, but does the Wildfire S offer too little in feature-terms?

After the unexpected but nonetheless profound successes of the original Wildfire, the Wildfire S has a lot to live up to. The initial signs are good with enhanced Android software on-board and an improved capacitive touchscreen, but questions must be raised over the seemingly underpowered processor that the phone runs on. At around £150 on a pay-as-you-go tariff, the Wildfire S is by no means one of the most expensive smartphones out there and remains one of HTC’s entry-level handsets. Still, the jury is out as to whether or not this particular model is overpriced considering the apparent lack of high-end features on offer.

What We Like

The design of the Wildfire S is a definite plus point, with the compact and curvaceous build making it a proper pocket-sized companion. At a mere 105g, the handset is light for a smartphone of its calibre, whilst the rubber back which the phone is fitted with makes it easy to grip and carry around all day, every day.

Improvements have also been made to the 3.2-inch LCD screen that the Wildfire S boasts, with a much-needed increase being made to the previously lowly resolution of just 240x320 pixels on the original Wildfire. At a higher resolution of 320x480, the device isn’t exactly leading the pack in terms of display quality, but at least some desperately sought-after enhancements have been made in this department.

Furthermore, the updated operating system that the Wildfire S runs on definitely deserves some form of recognition, with Android Gingerbread 2.3 proving a real plus point here. Considering that the Wildfire is one of HTC’s low-end models, it’s pleasing to see such an up-to-date, modern variety of Android on the phone – even if the coveted video call feature is rendered impossible in the absence of a front-facing camera.

What We Don't Like

Enough of singing the Widlfire S’s praises – it’s about time we got to work on some of the negatives, of which there are a fair few. As stated previously, although this device is cheap by HTC’s standards, there are few high-end features on-board that really catch one’s eye. DivX/XviD videos aren’t supported by the new Wildfire, whilst the sluggish 600MHz processor is comparatively poor when you look at the 1GHz+ engines found in many modern smartphones in the same price range.

Then there’s the problem with the phone’s 5-megapixel camera. Despite sounding reasonable on paper with an LED Flash accompanying it, video recording on the phone is of a low resolution which makes it a practically worthless feature. In spite of the abundant lack of high-specification features, the Wildfire’s battery life remains mysteriously short – yet another source of disappointment for the user.


Bearing in mind that the Wildfire S is an entry-level phone from HTC, it looks and feels great, with welcome improvements being made to the previously under-par display and bland user interface. With a modern version of Android to its name, the new Wildfire looks good on paper, but lacks those high-end features to make it stand out from the crowd. If you can get a good deal on this handset then it could prove to be a faithful companion, but otherwise, it’s undeniably overpriced for a device which lacks real firepower.


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Avg. Rating


Indeed, the HTC Wildfire S is definitely a great improvement of its predecessor the HTC Wildfire. What makes this phone so alluring is the fact that it is very affordable considering it’s an Android smartphone and offers rich touchscreen display, GPS with Google Maps, and five megapixel camera with flash and autofocus. Well, the phone may be a bit short when it comes to responsiveness and battery life, but compared to its other phone contemporaries, this phone tops the list.

8.5out of 10

Excellent build. It's a must have. My advice? Go get it!

9out of 10

the wildfire s is the first phone i had and it's the best. i had this for almost a year now and it's great. i love all the features in it. the camera, the ui, the messaging, the internet connectivity.. all of it! i love how it works.. the best gadget in the world!

9out of 10

i've had this phone since last year and it has been a good experience.. the user interface is very good, very intuitive and easy to use.. the camera is high quality and can take videos like a pro.. it can also be updated for new version of android os.. performance and logetivity of this phone is very nice..

9out of 10

the wilfire s mobilephone is an excellent phone in its right. responsiveness is top notch. browser is excellent, very easy to navigate. design is solid with its aluminum body! htc sure made a great phone!

10out of 10

this is a very good phone! The only negative I can say against it is its battery and there isn't enough memory for apps... a tip: buy the black colored casing, it looks really elegant!!

9out of 10

The Wildfire S is a solid touchscreen phone that is known for its outstanding performance. It has a good mix of features and speed. Camera is also great. It is fast, efficient and solid. It has a good size and it fits in my pocket, I dont need a handbag for it. This is an excelletn quality phone. Buy it, you wont regret it. I guarantee it.

9out of 10

The HTC Wildfire is a great mobile phone. One thing I dont like about this is its battery backup... and it heats up when I charge it.. makes me kind of paranoid of fires... anway, aside from that, it's perfect...

9out of 10

I think nothing compares to this phone in terms of internet connectivity. It is very dependable. I do not have to worry about losing signal all the time. It is also very user friendly and I just love it. You should get this phone too.

9out of 10

What I like about this phone is the fact that even when after having this for more than a year already it still works fine. The features are impressive and the phone works really well. I would recommend this to anyone.

9out of 10


9out of 10

For the more experienced cell phone users, this phone lacks a lot of boost. But for the not-so-particular cell phone user, this phone is already good. It could have been better if it tried to make its memory bigger, the battery last longer and makes it more responsive. All just basic stuffs.

8out of 10

Well, yeah, its fine but it could have been better if it has changed some of its useless features into something more practical.

8out of 10

The battery life is something I frown on this phone. It is very disappointing. I can’t go anywhere else without worrying if my phone’s bat is gonna last or what. Just frustrating! stuffs.

7out of 10

this phone is realy nice, performance is very good and specs. all do i don't really like is the battery life. but overl all is a very good phone.

8out of 10

A pocket-sized android phone with an awesome screen resolution. Very cool.

8out of 10

Its almost perfect when rooted. No hanging, random crashing, works smooth as butter, I don’t know what are some people whining about. I get it, it takes time getting used to your first Android smartphone, but that doesn’t mean you can go bitching around anywhere. It is better to read manual before using some phones.

9out of 10

This phone is not really good. Always hangs, especially when the calls comes you can not answer it. Some time the touch is very sensible, if you disconnect the call and it calls again with out your knowledge. Support replace the touch and the board inside within 6 months but still a lot of issues is coming.

5out of 10

Yes it is a good Mobile Phone ive ever used and I am totally satisfied with it just because of XDA and dev working on marvel, I realy share my experience with this phone, internal memory can increase at 1gb and processor can overlock at frequency of 825Mhz.

8out of 10

This is a pretty good phone, but except the battery drains so fast if we use continous internet and if we browse videos, internal memory is poor 150 mb and cant manage installing more application. Using phone continous heats up and applications keep closing and phone hangs sometimes in rare cases.

8out of 10

The battery of this phone really drains so fast but I managed to extend its battery life by installing battery saver application from android market. About internal memory being too low, you can set your phone to let all of your downloads be saved in the memory card and you need to download SDK manager to your pc to do it.

8out of 10

This is a very good phone, People believe that it lags a lot, yes it does. But it fulfill all the basic need. It does not support many basic games like temple run. Overall its a good phone to use economically, and a very user friendly.

8out of 10

Some peoples says that galaxy y is better than wildfire s for those I want to tell something differences between both handsets. The UI of wildfire S appears to be a lot more richer than any other UI in same price range, the Samsung UI for low range mobiles touch wiz UI is really appears poorer in front of HTC sense UI, also if u say galaxy y comes with 800mHz processor & wildfire s comes with 600mHz.

8out of 10

The battery of this phone really drains so fast but I managed to extend its battery life by installing battery saver app from android market, about internal memory being too low, you can set your phone to let all of your downloads be saved in the memory card and you need to download SDK manager to your pc to do it, another way to free your phone's memory is by rooting it but it will void the warranty of your phone, you can find all of these in google.

8out of 10

Worst phone I have ever had, terrible battery life, practically no internal memory, slow, heavy, the key bored is tiny and tight, my point is this phone is a piece of crap. I don't recommend it at all to anyone. I got completely ripped off and if I didn’t spend MY money on it I would be in my backyard smashing it with a baseball bat.

4out of 10

HTC wildfire s is one of the best small smart phone is even better than LGp970 am using the emission from LG can cause another problem for the user and always lost network the camera is not clear, my HTC is very clear and doesn't hang in short this phone work very well I recommend it for anybody that know how to use Android smart phones is better.

8.5out of 10

Hate! Tis phone the battery is very poor and the performance is always lags. Also the apps run very sluggish and sometimes it freeze itself.

7out of 10

I really impress the high speed connective in 3g and wifi it’s fast to connect. I really love this phone its worth to have it!

8out of 10

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0out of 10

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2out of 10

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0out of 10

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