JCB Tradesman Toughphone

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Talk Time
Standby Time
Network (Band)Tri GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
Operating SystemProprietary
Software Memory
Display Resolution
Display Size1.40 inches
Display Colours
Dimensions111 x 49 x 20mm
Camera Resolution
Video CameraNo
Camera FlashNo
Camera Features
TV OutNo
Memory Card
Internal Memory

JCB Tradesman Toughphone

The JCB Tradesman Toughphone is the first phone that claims to float on water. Of course, this means the phone is waterproof. There are several videos on the internet that prove this fact.

So if you’re one of those people who constantly drops their phone in water, this could very well be the phone for you. It's also a great idea for plumbers because I'm sure there have been many of people in that profession who have dropped many phones in toilets. It’s also dust proof which makes it the perfect phone for someone in the construction business. And it’s also not bad on the wallet.

What We Like

This device, like others in the Toughphone series, is black and yellow.  However, this model doesn't have as much yellow on it as the other models so it looks slightly different. And since the Tradesman is made by JCB (the company who makes heavy duty machinery) you know it's going to be a very durable phone.

The case of the phone is similar to other cases that people buy to put on their phones to make them sturdier. However, the cases that are on the Toughphones seem to be more sturdy that those.  And also, those other cases don't make the phone waterproof and they certainly don't make the phone float.This phone has a 1.44 inch CSTN screen.

Now, it doesn’t have a lot of extras but it does have Bluetooth, a torch, fm radio, sms, and a one year warranty. It also has email capability. So you may not be able to surf the internet but you will at least be able to check your email. It also has an sd card slot where you can add memory.

This phone may not be one you'd want to take with you everywhere, but it's the best phone to take with you to work. You can leave your expensive smartphone at home and use it on your own time.  That way you don't have to worry about dropping your smartphone at work and ruining it.  After all, they are just not as durable as the Toughphones.

What We Don't Like

This device also has 180 minutes of talk time and 130 hours of standby time. The ringtones are loud so you don’t have to worry about missing a call due to not being able to hear it ringing. The reception is also great with this phone. That's something that's important whenever you are on a job site. You want your boss to be able to get in touch with you as needed.


This device also stores up to 500 phone numbers so you have plenty of room for all of your personal and business contacts. If you’re looking for a sturdy phone to take with you while you work this phone just may be the one you’re looking for.  Or if you're just looking for a durable phone that can take being dropped (even in water) then I would say that it could be just what you're looking for in a new phone.


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this is an awesome for being tough! it take a lot of abuse and still works! great phone man! i always bring this wherever i go! signals is good too! perfect phone for an active perosn like me!

8.5out of 10

this is the Chuck Norris phone! toughest of the tough phones! applications, touchscreens, video, camera... those are useless! all i need is basic txting and calling and of course that can last for a very long time! this phone is perfect for me!

8out of 10

a good tough phone. basic features only but its good enough for keeping contact with family, friends and co-workers.

8.5out of 10

good phone for active people.. work more, care less for your phone.. cheap phone, means easily replaceable.. perfect for me..!

8.5out of 10

good phone for being tough. not for teens though, its just a basic phone.

8.5out of 10

Sturdy. that is all this phone is. Nothing more. It has a lot to improve on in terms of features. But in terms of basic functions like texting and calling, it is really dependable.

8out of 10

Some people may think that features are the only things that matter when it comes to choosing the best phones in the market. They do not know how wrong they are. This phone boasts of duarability that no other phones could offer. It is not only dust and water proof, it also floats too! This feature came very handy when we went hiking to the woods over the weekend and my phone fell to the river. I had no problems find it.

8.5out of 10

It's a very tough phone. I've actully tried breaking it!

8out of 10

I'm not very into Smartphones, they look good and trendy and stylish but come on! It's not practical! I like this phone, it's all I want. A very useful phone.

8out of 10

Good phone it tough and durable. Even it fall many time it won’t break it fits me to use this one. Because sometime am clumsy to handle a phone.

8out of 10

This phone suit me well it tough and durable, even its fall many times it still works and no problem. I’ll am very happy to have this phone.

8out of 10

I have this phone and I have a problem I cannot send or received any text message and the extra features like the blue tooth and FM radio is not working properly. I thought this phone is good but for my experience it’s a disappointed phone.

7out of 10

Kemp, Marketing Director for JCB Toughphone, to see how the JCB Sitemaster 2 could cope with being flushed down the teiolt (video after the cut). Jason is back again, but this time he has a JCB Pro-Smart and some rockets

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