Nokia Lumia 820

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2.4 read reviews
Talk Time8 hours
Standby Time13.8 days
Network (Band)
Operating System
Software Memory1 GB RAM
Display Resolution
Display Size
Display Colours
Camera Resolution
Video CameraYes
Camera FlashNo
Camera Features8-megapixel, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, Carl Zeiss Tessar lens, F2.2, and geo-tagging
DataAir Interface GSM/HSDPA/LTE
TV OutNo
Memory CardmicroSD and up to 32 GB
Internal Memory

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Avg. Rating


I have this phone I really love it! Specially, the touch screen is very smooth to use and good camera, video quality.

8out of 10

Great! Phone I really like it! Performance runs very smooth with no lag at all. And the camera is quite good in quality and good battery life.

8.5out of 10

I have a problem in my Nokia Lumia 820 it’s seems the application is not working properly and it hangs all the time when using it. So I don’t know what, is the problem and am quite disappoint right now.

7out of 10

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0out of 10

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0out of 10

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